Thu, 10 August 2017
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Preprint ARTICLE Download: 35| View: 70| Comments: 0| doi:10.20944/preprints201708.0037.v1
Subject: Physical Sciences, Acoustics; meshfree method; particle-based computational acoustics; smoothed particle hydrodynamics; corrective smoothed particle method; boundary conditions; Lagrangian approach
Online: 10 August 2017 (05:20:33 CEST)
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Tue, 18 July 2017
Preprint ARTICLE Download: 95| View: 154| Comments: 0| doi:10.20944/preprints201707.0048.v1
Subject: Physical Sciences, Acoustics; expansion of the universe; vacuum energy; dark energy; time energy uncertainty principle; radius of the universe
Online: 18 July 2017 (12:18:16 CEST)
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Wed, 25 January 2017
Preprint ARTICLE Download: 369| View: 485| Comments: 0| doi:10.20944/preprints201701.0115.v1
Subject: Physical Sciences, Acoustics; Lagrangian approach; Lagrangian acoustic perturbation equations; computational acoustics; meshfree method; smoothed particle hydrodynamics; generalized finite difference method
Online: 25 January 2017 (11:42:54 CET)
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Wed, 9 November 2016
Preprint ARTICLE Download: 388| View: 432| Comments: 0| doi:10.20944/preprints201611.0052.v1
Subject: Physical Sciences, Acoustics; empirical mode decomposition; intrinsic mode function; permutation entropy; multi-scale permutation entropy; feature extraction
Online: 9 November 2016 (10:24:35 CET)
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