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Organ-on-Chip In Development:Towards a roadmap for Organs-on-Chip
Organ-on-Chip is a game-changing technology born from the convergence of tissue engineering and microfluidic technology. Organ-on-Chip devices (OoCs) are expected to offer effective solutions to persisting problems in drug development ...
A Secure and Optimal Method of Steganography Using Bit Combination and Dynamical Rotation over Addresses
Steganography is the branch of cryptology that deals with concealing information inside another information. it’s prefer over cryptography as it hides a message inside another innocent looking message, while cryptography ...
Modern Methods for Aircraft Power and Propulsion
Even though the current classic aerospace propulsion methods are greatly improved, some of the most modern methods have already been introduced, among which the propulsion with electric motors. Energy can ...
Improving the Scientific Rigor of Nutritional Recommendations for Adults with Diabetes: A Comprehensive Review of the American Diabetes Association Guidelines Recommended Eating Patterns
Over half of adult Americans now have diabetes or prediabetes and worse, this epidemic is now world-wide and shows no signs of slowing, with rates of both diabetes and diabetes-related ...
Spatialities of Dog Theft: A Critical Perspective
Dogs are considered property under UK law, while current discourses of pet ownership place canine companions as part of an extended family. This means sentences for those who steal dogs ...


Cavitation Erosion and Wear Mechanisms of AlTiN and TiAlN Films Deposited on Stainless Steel Substrate
Stainless steel grade AISI 304 is one of the most widespread modern structural material, alas its sliding wear and cavitation wear resistance are limited. Thus, AlTiN and TiAlN coatings can ...
Wave Overtopping of Stepped Revetments
Wave overtopping, i.e., excess of water over the crest of a coastal protection infrastructure due to wave run-up, of a smooth slope can be reduced by introducing slope roughness. A ...
I am Conscious, Therefore I am: Imagery, Affect, Action, and a General Theory of Behaviour
Organisms are adapted to each other and the environment, not as tradition would have it, because natural selection made them that way, but because there is inbuilt striving towards stability ...
Investigation of Laminar-Turbulent Transition on a Rotating Wind Turbine Blade of Multi Megawatt Class with Thermography and a Microphone Array
Knowledge about laminar-turbulent transition on operating multi-megawatt wind turbine blades needs sophisticated equipment like hot-films or microphone arrays. Contrarily thermographic pictures can easily be taken from the ground and temperature ...
Homeobox genes and Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth most common type of cancer, and is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths each year. It involves a multi-step progression and is strongly ...
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