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Estimating Flight Characteristics of Anomalous Unidentified Aerial Vehicles
A number of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) encountered by military, commercial, and civilian aircraft have been reported to be structured craft that exhibit 'impossible' flight characteristics. We consider a handful ...
Assessment of Enjoyment and Intensity of Physical Activity in Immersive Virtual Reality on the Omni-Directional Omni Treadmill and Icaros Flight Simulator in the Context of Recommendations for Health
The aim of the study is to assess enjoyment and intensity of physical exercise while practicing physical activity (PA) in immersive virtual reality (IVR) using innovative training devices (omni-directional Omni ...
Between Life and Death: Reducing Phototoxicity in Super-Resolution Microscopy
Super-Resolution Microscopy enables non-invasive, molecule-specific imaging of the internal structure and dynamics of cells with sub-diffraction limit spatial resolution. One of its major limitations is the requirement for high-intensity illumination, ...
An Overview of Imaging Lidar Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles
Imaging lidars are one of the hottest topics in the optronics industry. The need to sense the surroundings of every autonomous vehicle has pushed forward a career to decide the ...
Open Up: A Survey on Open and Non-anonymized Peer Reviewing
We present a discussion and analysis regarding the benefits and limitations of open and non-anonymized peer review based on literature results and responses to a survey on the reviewing process ...


Discrimination of Acne Vulgaris with Human Scalp Hair Tissues Using - FTIR-ATR Spectroscopy
Acne vulgaris is a chronic skin disease which occurs due to inflammation of the hair follicles and sebum-producing (sebaceous) glands of the skin called pilosebaceous unit and the anaerobic propionic ...
Evolution of Access Network Sharing and Its Role in 5G Networks
This paper details the evolution of access network sharing models from legacy DSL to the most recent fibre-based technology and the main challenges faced from a technical and business perspectives. ...
Ice-Crystal Nucleation in Water: Thermodynamic Driving Force and Surface Tension
A recently developed thermodynamic theory for the determination of the driving force of crystallization and the crystal–melt surface tension is applied to the ice–water system employing the new Thermodynamic Equation ...
Neural Image Analysis and Electron Microscopy to Detect and Describe Selected Quality Factors of Fruit and Vegetable Spray-Dried Powders. Case Study: Chokeberry Powder
The study concentrates on researching possibilities of using computer image analysis and neural modeling in order to assess selected quality discriminants of spray-dried chokeberry powder. The aim of the paper ...
Evaluation of a Mesoscale Thermal Actuator in Open and Closed Operating Cycles
Thermal-based actuators are known for generating large force and displacement strokes at mesoscale (millimeter) regime. In particular, two-phase thermal actuators are found to benefit from the scaling laws of physics ...
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