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Is Excessive Prenatal Ultrasonography a Risk Factor for Autism? A Literature Review
For the past several decades, abdominal prenatal ultrasonography has been the most significant technology in obstetrics with a long-established application. However, the frequency, exposure time, thermal and cavitation exposure indices, ...
Switching of Lasing Wavelength and Threshold Current of Semiconductor Laser by Temperature Variation
The present work is a theoretical and experimental study of temperature effect on wavelength and threshold current. Since Semiconductor lasers are the type of lasers which uses semiconductor material as ...
Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting Identifying Linguistic Patterns in News Media
An article's tone and framing not only influence an audience's perception of a story but may also reveal attributes of author identity and bias. Building upon prior media, psychological, and ...
Desktop Fabrication of Strong Poly (Lactic Acid) Parts: FFF Process Parameters Tuning
Current study aims to evaluate the possibilities to increase part strength by optimizing the FFF process parameters. Five different CAD models of parts with same coupling dimensions but different shape ...
Cancer: Strange Attractors and Complexity
Cancer is a complex adaptive ecosystem and remains the lead cause of ‘disease’-related death in pediatric patients in North America. Machine learning, Network science, Fluid dynamics and Quantum Mechanics are ...


HIV Treatment, Prevention, Surveillance and Patient Monitoring in South Africa
South Africa is afflicted with the worst epidemic of HIV in the world a legacy of the system of oscillating migrant labour in the region and the consequent social disruption ...
Periodicity in Volcanic Plumes: A Review and Analysis
Persistent, non-explosive passive degassing is a common characteristic of active volcanoes. Distinct periodic components in measurable parameters of gas release have been widely identified over timescales ranging from seconds to ...
Changes in the Antioxidant Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil after Cooking Typical Mediterranean Vegetables
Extra virgin olive oil, water, and water/oil mixture (W/O) were used to fry, boil and sautée Mediterranean vegetables. We determined the variations between unused and used water and oil for ...
On “Arogi” Buildings’ Structural System and Construction Procedure after the 1953 Earthquake in Kefalonia
Afterthe series of earthquakes in August 1953, most of Kefalonia’s building stock totally collapsed. The buildings that emerged as a result of a collective effort are commonly referred to as ...
Geotourism through Multimedia Exhibition: Improving the Access to Urban Geoheritage
Multimedia materials represent a promising approach for the Geoheritage promotion. Despite Geology is normally associated with natural environments, new tendencies are projected towards a better knowledge of the “geological reason” ...
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