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Ecofriendly Materials
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Proposed Standard Test Protocols and Outcome Measures for Quantitative Comparison of Emissions from Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
This study introduces and demonstrates a comprehensive, accurate, unbiased approach to robust quantitative comparison of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) appropriate for establishing substantial equivalence (or lack thereof) between tobacco ...
Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices regarding Long-Term Complications of COVID-19 among a Sub-Urban Population in Sri Lanka
Background Recently, a surge of COVID 19 was observed globally, regionally and nationally. With increasing numbers of cases, the frequency of long COVID is on the rise. Management and control ...
Nativity Status and Poly Tobacco Use among Young Adults in the United States
Introduction: Young adults are the second largest segment of the immigrant population in the United States (US). Given recent trends in later age of initiation of tobacco use, we examined ...
Characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Smokers Exposed to Anti-smoking Marketing in South Australia
Background: Smoking is disproportionately prevalent among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian peoples, with 39% of Indigenous Australians aged over 15 years smoking daily. Efforts to reduce this high prevalence ...
EmmDocClassifier: Efficient Multimodal Document Image Classifier for Scarce Data
Document classification is one of the most critical steps in the document analysis pipeline. There are two types of approaches for document classification, known as image-based and multimodal approaches. The ...


The Replicability Crisis and the p-Value Debate – what Are the Consequences for the Agricultural and Food Economics Community?
A vivid debate is ongoing in the scientific community about statistical malpractice and the related publication bias. No general consensus exists on the consequences and this is reflected in heterogeneous ...
DNA Barcoding in Plants and Animals: A Critical Review
Systematics plays the most crucial role in biodiversity conservation which is at stake due to anthropogenic activities and environmental degradations. The ever-increasing decline of classical taxonomic expertise drives the need ...
Desertification in Spain: A Sound Diagnosis Unfollowed by Solutions
The latest World Atlas of Desertification represents a turning point in the diagnosis of desertification. While it forgoes desertification mapping due to the intrinsic complexity of the phenomenon and the ...
Compost Effect on Organic Pepper and Olive Sapling Growth
To substitute of conventional manure and peat with alternatives sourcing from environmental conservation concerns, several promising alternatives has been attracting scientific parties’ interest, recently. However, among them compost perform the ...
Effect of Docosahexaenoic Acid as a Chemopreventive Agent on Experimentally Induced Hamster Buccal Pouch Carcinogenesis
The purpose of the current study was directed to investigate the effectiveness of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) as a chemopreventive agent on experimentally induced hamster buccal pouch (HBP) carcinogenesis; Material and ...
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