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Artificial Intelligence for Microscopy: What You Should Know
Artificial Intelligence based on Deep Learning is opening new horizons in Biomedical research and promises to revolutionize the Microscopy field. Slowly, it now transitions from the hands of experts in ...
Beyond Biodiversity: Can Environmental DNA (eDNA) Cut it as a Population Genetics Tool?
Population genetic data underpin many studies of behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary processes in wild populations and contribute to effective conservation management. However, collecting genetic samples can be challenging when working ...
Socio-Demographic Status: Theory, Methods and Applications
Our socio-demographic status is determined by socio-demographic position and success. In the theoretical frame works, little was known about the theory, quantification and evolutionary mechanism of socio-demographic status of individual(s). ...
Cancer: A Turbulence Problem
As we transition towards an era of Computational Medicine and Deep Learning Healthcare, our mathematical models of cancer dynamics must be revised. As such, recent evidences support the perspective that ...
What Differentiates Poor and Good Outcome Psychotherapy? A Statistical-Mechanics-Inspired Approach to Psychotherapy Research
Statistical mechanics investigates how emergent properties of macroscopic systems (such as temperature and pressure) relate to microscopic state fluctuations. The underlying idea is that global statistical descriptors of order and ...


Sustainable Development Evaluation of Foreign Trade Based on Emergy Analysis Method in Shenzhen City, China
The foreign trade sustainable development index system of Shenzhen City, including the three subsystems of environment, economy, and society, was constructed based on the theory of emergy analysis.The sustainable development ...
Effects of Putrescine Application on Peach Fruit during Storage
The peach industry faces serious economic losses because of the short “green” life of the fruit at postharvest. In the present study, we investigated the effects of putrescine (PUT) application ...
The Menstrual Cycle may not Be Limited to the Endometrium but also may Impact Intestinal Permeability
Objective: To examine associations between IgA responses to Gram-negative gut-commensal bacteria and peri-menstrual symptoms and sex hormone levels during the menstrual cycle in women with and without premenstrual symptoms. Methods: ...
Blood Flow Analysis in Tapered Stenosed Arteries with Influence of Heat and Mass Transfer
A non-Newtonian fluid model is used to investigate the two-dimensional pulsatile blood flow through a tapered artery with a stenosis. The mixed convection effects of heat and mass transfer are ...
A Secure and Optimal Method of Steganography Using Bit Combination and Dynamical Rotation over Addresses
Steganography is the branch of cryptology that deals with concealing information inside another information. it’s prefer over cryptography as it hides a message inside another innocent looking message, while cryptography ...
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