• What is Preprints.org?

    Preprints.org is a multidisciplinary preprint platform that makes scientific manuscripts from all fields of research immediately citable and permanently available. It is fully funded by MDPI, a pioneer in scholarly, open access publishing. It is run on a non-profit basis.

  • How can I submit a paper to Preprints.org?

    Click on the submit preprint button at the top of the page. You will need to create an account if you do not have one already, or you can log in to Preprints.org with the same credentials you use for MDPI's website. Our editors will check the suitability of your paper within 24 hours. An email will be sent to you once your paper is posted online.

  • Do I need to pay any fee for posting articles to Preprints.org?
    No, there is no fee to post articles to Preprints.org.
  • Are papers posted on Preprints.org peer-reviewed?

    No. Papers submitted to Preprints.org are not peer-reviewed before being posted online.

  • Which journals allow the posting of preprints prior to submission?

    In most cases, journal publication will not be affected by posting a preprint. However, there are a few publishers which do not consider papers that have been posted on Preprints.org or other preprint servers prior to submission. We strongly recommend that you check all journals that you might submit to in advance. The preprint policies of many journals and publishers are available on the Sherpa Romeo database and can be found on Wikipedia.

  • How can I link my preprint with the peer-reviewed version when it is published in a journal?

    You can (1) log in to Preprints.org; (2) find the related online preprint; (3) click “link published article” and provide the publishing information (such as: journal name, published year, DOI, and online URL) of your journal version; and (4) our editors will then check the information you provided. If all the information is correct, your preprint will be linked with your published version.

  • Can I post a paper which is not written in English on Preprints.org?
    No, only articles written in English can be posted on Preprints.org.
  • What type of content can be posted on Preprints.org?
    Preprints focus on original research articles and comprehensive reviews. Editorials, discussion papers, and commentaries are usually not suitable. Papers should not have been published in a peer-reviewed venue before, and we recommend against publishing the same paper on multiple preprint servers. See the instructions for authors for more details. 
  • Can I submit an article to Preprints.org after I have submitted it to a journal?
    It depends on the paper’s status in that journal. If your paper has been submitted to a journal but has not yet been accepted for publication by that journal after peer review, it can be submitted to Preprints.org. However, if it has been accepted for publication, it cannot be submitted to Preprints.org.
  • Can I post an article on multiple preprint servers?
    It is more appropriate to only post your paper on one server. Because papers posted on most preprint servers are visible on Google Scholar, it would be unusual to see the same paper posted on multiple preprint servers. Meanwhile, it may also cause the citation data of your article to be underestimated. We may be inclined to decline your article if we find it has been posted on another preprint server.
  • Can I withdraw an article before it is posted on Preprints.org?
    Yes, you can log in to Preprints.org and withdraw the paper you submitted.
  • Can I remove my article after it has been posted on Preprints.org?

    No. Papers posted on Preprints.org with a registered DOI cannot be removed. They are indexed by services such as Google Scholar and Crossref, creating a permanent digital presence independent of our records. In some cases, papers may be “withdrawn” at the discretion of Preprints editors and the advisory board for the following reasons:

    • Misconduct by authors, including plagiarism and data fabrication.
    • Serious scientific errors that cannot be corrected by updating the paper.
    • Where leaving a paper online would constitute an illegal act, including copyright violation.

    Please check the withdrawal policy carefully before posting your work.

  • How long does it take for a preprint to appear on the Preprints.org website following submission?
    From submission, it usually takes less than 48 hours for a preprint to appear on the Preprints.org website.
  • Do Preprints.org have an impact factor?
    No, Preprints.org is not a journal so it has no impact factor.
  • How can I submit a revised version of my preprint?

    If your paper has not been posted on Preprints.org, you can contact us via email and send us your revised version. We will post your revised version as the first version.

    If you want to post your revised version as a second version of your preprint, you can log in to Preprints.org and find previous preprints and click “submit follow-up version” to submit your revised version. Our editor will check the suitability of your paper within 24 hours. An email will be sent to you once your paper is posted online.

    An article posted on Preprints.org can be revised at any time, until it is accepted for publication by a journal after peer review. However, please note that some journals request that authors do not post versions that include changes made in response to the journal’s reviewers’ comments.

  • Can I submit my article to an MDPI journal directly from Preprints.org?
    Yes, you can log in to Preprints.org, find the online preprint which you want to submit to a MDPI journal and then click “submit to a MDPI journal” to complete your submission.
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