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Preprints.org is a multidiscipline platform providing preprint service that is dedicated to making early versions of research outputs permanently available and citable. We post original research articles and comprehensive reviews, and papers can be updated by authors as long as the updated content has not been published online. Content on Preprints.org is not peer-reviewed and can receive feedback from readers.

Why Post with Preprints.org?

We believe in the fast dissemination of research. Our simple, quick process ensures that others can read your work as soon as possible. Preprints.org has the following features:
  • Multidisciplinary
    We cover all research disciplines, and you can see the research categories here.
  • Open access
    All preprints are posted with a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license, ensuring that authors retain copyright and receive credit for their work while allowing anyone to read and use their work.
  • Citation via Crossref DOI
    Each preprint will be registered with a unique digital object identifier issued by Crossref. This makes them instantly citable and provides a permanent link to the article, even if the URL on our platform changes. New versions of preprints receive a different DOI.
  • Comment on any article
    Authors can receive public or private feedback on their work from peers.
  • Simple submission process
    Submitting a preprint only requires basic information, and our team of editors will help with the process and post your preprint as soon as possible.

How It Works

Preprints.org are posted online free of charge. See the instructions for authors for further details on how to prepare your paper, or submit now.


Log in to your MDPI account, click submit to provide basic details about your paper, and upload your file to make a submission. If you do not have an account, create one using our one-step registration process quickly. Make sure you have read the instructions for authors before submitting. Authors can also choose to submit their manuscripts to Preprints.org when submitting to any MDPI journal. If your manuscript has already been posted as a preprint, you may consider submitting it to an appropriate MDPI journal.


All preprints undergo a short screening before being uploaded online. This process takes less than 24 hours in most cases. Screening includes checks for basic scientific content, author background, and compliance with ethical standards. It is carried out by the Preprints.org staff, with the support of active researchers and the Preprints.org advisory board.

If you are a researcher interested in screening manuscripts, apply here.

Post Online

Preprints that pass the screening process are posted online in open-access format under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. This provides maximum visibility to authors while ensuring that they are properly recognized for their work. Once online, preprints can be downloaded, shared, commented on, and cited.

There are a number of ways to make sure you find the preprints most relevant to you. You can:
  • Search our website;
  • Sign up for alerts (requires an MDPI account);
  • Find our preprints through an indexing database.

By using an open-access license, our preprints are free for anyone to download and read.


Posted preprints are registered with Crossref to receive a digital object identifier (DOI). This means that they are citable. Each posted preprint has a “How to cite” part on the abstract page to introduce the details.

If a preprint is published in a journal afterward, we will link the journal version to the abstract page and PDF, making sure that readers have access to the latest version. Authors are also encouraged to link a peer-reviewed journal version actively under the “my articles” tab in their profiles.


The open-access license we use for preprints allows them to be reused. This includes distributing the work to colleagues, teaching, journal clubs, press releases, and so on. Under the licensing terms, authors receive attribution and recognition for their work for any parts that are reproduced.

Preprints have not been peer-reviewed, so some caution and responsibility are required when reusing them. For cases where it is crucial that the details of the paper are correct, readers should rely on professional advice and can check on the abstract page whether a peer-reviewed version is available.

Comment and Discuss

Readers can comment on any preprint, and these comments are highly valued by authors and can help to improve papers before journal publication. You can use the comments to give a general opinion of the research presented, make suggestions for extension or improvement, or to highlight certain parts for other readers.

Readers who would like their comments to be counted as a review can receive credit from Publons by linking their accounts.

Comments must follow the standards of professional discourse and should focus on the scientific content of the article. Insulting or offensive language, personal attacks, and off-topic remarks will not be permitted. Readers who post comments are obliged to declare any competing interests, financial or otherwise. Preprints.org reserves the right to remove comments without notice.

Advisory Board

Advisory board members are active scholars who support Preprints.org. Their role is to provide feedback about the operation of Preprints.org and advise on new submissions in their field in cases where the editorial team require an expert opinion.

Scholars who hold a position equivalent to assistant professor or higher has interest to join our advisory board, apply here.

Visibility for Preprints

In addition to being searchable from any page on our website, our preprints appear in the following places:

You can comment on preprints and provide author feedback directly on the abstract page, or via the following site:


Preprints.org seeks to promote diversity among all those using the site. In particular, we encourage those from any background to contribute as author, commentator, or to screen manuscripts. We will not tolerate prejudice based on gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, or similar traits that lead to unfair discrimination. If you feel you have suffered prejudice or abuse, please contact any Preprints.org member of staff. We will take such complaints seriously and take action where necessary and possible.


For any inquiries related to Preprints.org, please contact info@preprints.org.

c/o MDPI
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4052 Basel
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Tel. +41 61 683 77 34
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Office Hours
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For full imprint information, see https://www.preprints.org/imprint.

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