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Preprints Editorial Office | 29 Jun 2017
One of the benefits of posting a preprint is to receive feedback from colleagues. We want to make this as easy and pain-free as possible. That's why we have updated ...
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Preprints Editorial Office | 11 May 2017
A year ago today we published our very first preprint. We are grateful to all of the authors, advisory board members and readers who have supported us since then. You can ...
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Preprints Editorial Office | 2 May 2017
Earlier this year, ASAPbio, a group advocating for wider use of preprints in the life sciences, put out a request for applications to run a comprehensive preprint aggregator for the subject ...
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Preprints Editorial Office | 29 Mar 2017
One of the major benefits of putting a preprint online is to get feedback before journal submission. Until now, however, the feedback has been on a voluntary basis. Preprints is ...
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