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Preprints Editorial Office | 29 Aug 2018
A couple of months back, Europe PMC, a major database for biomedical research, announced that it had started to index preprints. The inclusion seems a perfect fit alongside the existing content, ...
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Preprints Editorial Office | 24 May 2018
In the last week, we have reached two important milestones for Preprints. We passed 15,000 unique authors and 4000 preprints posted. Since the beginning of the year, we have seen more interest ...
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Preprints Editorial Office | 14 Mar 2018
Open Science Radio interviewed our director, Dr Martyn Rittman, at the Open Science Conference in Berlin this week. He talks about the current preprint scene and the background and benefits of ...
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Preprints Editorial Office | 19 Feb 2018
We are pleased to announce that our 3000th preprint is now online. Here it is:Finnegan, C.; Ryan, D.; Enright, A.; Garcia-Cabellos, G. Microbes a Tool for the Remediation of Organotin ...
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