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Revealing the Phenomena of Heat and Photon Energy on Dealing Matter at Atomic Level

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How to cite: Ali, M. Revealing the Phenomena of Heat and Photon Energy on Dealing Matter at Atomic Level. Preprints 2017, 2017010028 (doi: 10.20944/preprints201701.0028.v10). Ali, M. Revealing the Phenomena of Heat and Photon Energy on Dealing Matter at Atomic Level. Preprints 2017, 2017010028 (doi: 10.20944/preprints201701.0028.v10).


Technology is in the way to reach in its climax but the basic understanding of science in many phenomena is still awaited even though the nature witnesses to them in many ways. Again, scientific research reveals strong analogy between photon and electron. When silicon atom deals neutral state of certain electron of the outer ring under the adjustment of companion ones, that electron levitates from clamping energy knot to opposite side of ground point attained by its atom where a bit-energy is placed along the configuring trajectory. Gravitation behavior of that electron starts at the central point of its relaxation state by introducing force of side-pole where it terminated the force of opposite side-pole resulting into pulling it under the force of gravity introduced by observing downward unfilled state where another bit-energy is placed along the configured trajectory, thus, depicts the forcing energy shape like Gaussian distribution symbol with both ends turned called unit-photon. The auxiliary moment of inertia is being involved at each stage of turning that electron introducing pair of disappearances of forces against pair of appearances of opposite forces during rest to motion and motion to rest in the first half-cycle. The same is the case for second half-cycle but electron-dynamics are under the forces, opposite in description. However, at stage of steady-state levitating and gravitating electron, mainly one force is being involved at one time where the opposite force is disappeared. The uninterrupted inter-state electron-dynamics of atom under the availability of several bits of bit-energy results into transform them into forcing energy shape like a wave that can travel immeasurable length and unavailability of bit-energy at any stage interrupted electron-dynamics resulting into give an overt photon. Two bits of bit-energy are placed along the configuring trajectory during each forward- and reverse-direction cycle of electron. Inter-state dependent but path-independent forces are being involved to configure forcing energy of uninterrupted cycles where moment of inertia is only for recalling at each turning point of electron as it doesn’t have contact to clamping energy knot in either state, so, conservative forces are involved in transforming heat energy into photon energy where distance doesn’t matter. Minimum two cycles of inter-state electron-dynamics formulate an overt photon –a photon length twice to unit-photon. Under certain interaction of unit-photon, it divides equally in two bits of bit-energy instead of dividing in tits and bits of heat. The mechanism of transforming heat energy into photon by silicon atom validates that atomic structure of various elements is in different manner to the presented one. An isolated electron is being grounded under directed forcing energy to impinge an atom of certain transition state where gained instantaneous velocity under merged energy distort atom at point of strike. Matter changes the role of energy and force under various sorts of interactions. Here, heat energy and photon energy explore matter at atomic and electron levels, thus, devise basis of science to describe.

Subject Areas

heat energy; photon energy; fundamental forces; electron-dynamics; atomic scale phenomenon; neutral electron state

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