Our Policy on Submissions Related to COVID-19

Preprints Editorial Office
23 April 2020

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we have received many new manuscripts on coronavirus.

We fully understand that time matters in this global crisis and that preprints can play a role in fast communication of new ideas on how to best tackle these issues. We are here to assist in this process, and Preprints.org fully supports academics carrying out life-saving research in the field. Please bear in mind that these are early stage research which have not gone through a rigorous peer review process, and should not be regarded as conclusive clinical guidance or be reported in news media as established fact.

Moreover, if a manuscript proposes links to other diseases, simple solutions, or a hypothesis for potential treatment based on insufficient amounts of data, our editors may take the decision that it is not suitable to be posted directly and should first be peer reviewed.

We also call on researchers in the related fields (coronavirus, infectious disease, public health etc.) to become screening volunteers and Advisory Board members. We believe with your help in the screening process, we will be able to pinpoint the most important research and make them immediately online.


Choose the area that interest you and we will send you notifications of new preprints at your preferred frequency.

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