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Revisiting Constraints of Fourth-Generation Quarks and Leptons

Version 1 : Received: 18 May 2020 / Approved: 25 May 2020 / Online: 25 May 2020 (11:03:06 CEST)
Version 2 : Received: 6 June 2020 / Approved: 7 June 2020 / Online: 7 June 2020 (17:57:34 CEST)
Version 3 : Received: 6 August 2020 / Approved: 7 August 2020 / Online: 7 August 2020 (06:50:55 CEST)
Version 4 : Received: 26 August 2020 / Approved: 28 August 2020 / Online: 28 August 2020 (09:55:16 CEST)
Version 5 : Received: 18 September 2020 / Approved: 21 September 2020 / Online: 21 September 2020 (03:31:52 CEST)

How to cite: Verma, A. Revisiting Constraints of Fourth-Generation Quarks and Leptons. Preprints 2020, 2020050409. Verma, A. Revisiting Constraints of Fourth-Generation Quarks and Leptons. Preprints 2020, 2020050409.


Standard Model is well-performing under the three-generation, but in the wake of more physics, fourth-generation leptons and quarks are introduced. In this paper, I created a model surrounding quarks and leptons and tried to show the importance of quarks to understand the baryogenesis. I talked about and set the lower limits of t’ and b’. And predicted an updated version of lower bounds and precise masses of quarks and leptons. In Sec. II. I mathematically predicted the Higgs boson anomaly in the new standard model due to neutrinos and leptons. And in final, I talked about the Unified Standard Model.


Beyond the Standard Model; Fourth Generation Particles; Lepton Sector; Quarks Sector


Physical Sciences, Particle and Field Physics

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Received: 7 June 2020
Commenter: Aayush Verma
Commenter's Conflict of Interests: Author
Comment: There is a series of changes, one figure is excluded and all is the same as the previous version.
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