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Micro hydro Power Plant Shanping (Site Reconstruction)

Version 1 : Received: 7 December 2018 / Approved: 11 December 2018 / Online: 11 December 2018 (10:46:08 CET)

How to cite: Tkáč, Š. Micro hydro Power Plant Shanping (Site Reconstruction). Preprints 2018, 2018120127. Tkáč, Š. Micro hydro Power Plant Shanping (Site Reconstruction). Preprints 2018, 2018120127.


This research paper is part of the wider project concerning the very first detailed mapping of the overall Taiwanese hydro-power plants that took place from 2013 up to 2015 and it is currently in evaluation and finalization stage. The case of Shanping hydro-power plant has been carefully studied, photographed, documented and mapped in situ. It was one of the isolated hydro-power plant projects originally built to supply the remote area with the specific designation. Shanping hydro-power plant, as well as the other units from the early hydro-power generation era in Taiwan, are considered to be the technological heritage of civil and mechanical engineering that reflects later in all the further projects up to nowadays modern Taiwanese hydro-power plants. Unfortunately, most of the hydro-power houses from the older periods were severely damaged or destroyed by natural causes which were also the case of Shanping unit. The research is trying to reconstruct the original location of the powerhouse and its supporting structures based on available historical documents, previous studies, comparative methodology, and the current on-site observation.


hydro-power; hydro-power plant; micro-energy; renewable energy; water energy


Engineering, Energy and Fuel Technology

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