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Virulence Effectors of Pathogenic Mycoplasmas

Version 1 : Received: 26 September 2018 / Approved: 27 September 2018 / Online: 27 September 2018 (05:54:04 CEST)

How to cite: May, M.A.; Brown, D.R. Virulence Effectors of Pathogenic Mycoplasmas. Preprints 2018, 2018090533. May, M.A.; Brown, D.R. Virulence Effectors of Pathogenic Mycoplasmas. Preprints 2018, 2018090533.


Members of the genus Mycoplasma and related organisms impose a substantial burden of infectious diseases on humans and animals, but the last comprehensive review of mycoplasmal pathogenicity was published 20 years ago. Post-genomic analyses have now begun to support the discovery and detailed molecular biological characterization of a number of specific mycoplasmal virulence factors. This review covers three categories of defined mycoplasmal virulence effectors: 1) specific macromolecules including the superantigen MAM, the ADP-ribosylating CARDS toxin, sialidase, cytotoxic nucleases, cell-activating diacylated lipopeptides, and phosphocholine-containing glycoglycerolipids; 2) the small molecule effectors hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia; and 3) several putative mycoplasmal orthologs of virulence effectors documented in other bacteria. Understanding such effectors and their mechanisms of action at the molecular level connects the biology of the bacteria to direct effects on the host and host responses they elicit, and is expected to translate into new interventions for human and veterinary mycoplasmosis.


mycoplasma; virulence effectors; pathogenesis


Medicine and Pharmacology, Pathology and Pathobiology

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