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The Informational Physical Model and Fundamental Problems in Physics

Version 1 : Received: 20 October 2021 / Approved: 29 October 2021 / Online: 29 October 2021 (11:31:17 CEST)
Version 2 : Received: 16 June 2022 / Approved: 17 June 2022 / Online: 17 June 2022 (13:33:51 CEST)
Version 3 : Received: 14 November 2022 / Approved: 15 November 2022 / Online: 15 November 2022 (10:59:04 CET)
Version 4 : Received: 23 January 2023 / Approved: 24 January 2023 / Online: 24 January 2023 (13:13:05 CET)

How to cite: Shevchenko, S.; Tokarevsky, V. The Informational Physical Model and Fundamental Problems in Physics. Preprints 2021, 2021100453. Shevchenko, S.; Tokarevsky, V. The Informational Physical Model and Fundamental Problems in Physics. Preprints 2021, 2021100453.


This article is the review of results that were obtained at 2007-2021 years development of “The Information as Absolute” concept and the informational physical model, which is based on the concept; including a number of fundamental physical problems are briefly considered in framework of the conception and the model. Recently in physics there are several publications, that present lists of the problems. However, those lists are essentially incomplete, for at least two reasons. Firsts of all, a number of phenomena are studied traditionally by philosophy, and so corresponding problems are usually considered to be “metaphysical”. However, they relate also to some concrete physical phenomena. For example, physics evidently studies Matter, and so the metaphysical problems “what is ontology of Matter”, “what is “Space”, “Time” and a few other physical phenomena and notions as well, are really a Meta-physical problem “what does physics study?” There are other fundamental physical problems, which are not considered as such in physics, and are absent in the “fundamental problems lists”. Those include the problems, which really exist, yet are incorporated into standard physical theories, and so are fundamental “implicitly”, which in physics are “solved by default”. Note, though, that a number of “Meta-physical”, and concrete fundamental, problems in detail are considered in the paper “The Informational Conception and Basic Physics”, arXiv:0707.4657, v5 (2021), so in this paper some selected common physical problems are considered, and, besides, the problems “What is Life” and “Cosmology”.


informational physics; Matter; Consciousness; life; fundamental physical problems; fundamental Nature forces; relativity; cosmology; spacetime; experimental testing; quantum mechanics; particles; antiparticles


Physical Sciences, Quantum Science and Technology

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