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Mass Gap Problem Physical Solution

Version 1 : Received: 19 December 2020 / Approved: 21 December 2020 / Online: 21 December 2020 (12:11:14 CET)
Version 2 : Received: 21 December 2020 / Approved: 22 December 2020 / Online: 22 December 2020 (12:24:30 CET)
Version 3 : Received: 22 February 2021 / Approved: 24 February 2021 / Online: 24 February 2021 (10:07:24 CET)

How to cite: Šorli, S. Mass Gap Problem Physical Solution. Preprints 2020, 2020120524. Šorli, S. Mass Gap Problem Physical Solution. Preprints 2020, 2020120524.


A given problem in physics can be solved if it is well formulated. Well formulated means that it has a bijective correspondence to physical reality. Mass Gap Problem has no bijective correspondence with the physical reality and is that’s why not solvable mathematically. It can be solved physically by the formulation of the photon’s mass accordingly to the Planck-Einstein relation.


Mass Gap Problem; Planck-Einstein relation; bijectivity


Physical Sciences, Theoretical Physics

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Received: 22 December 2020
Commenter: Srečko Šorli
Commenter's Conflict of Interests: Author
Comment: I added two references that give the article more clearness. Considering time as "time direction" seems not a good approach. Einstein has interpreted time as the 4th coordinate of space despite there is no experimental evidence for this and the original formalism X4 = ict is confirming time is the duration of photon motion in space.
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