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Orchid Conservation Initiatives in Malaysia

Version 1 : Received: 25 November 2020 / Approved: 26 November 2020 / Online: 26 November 2020 (07:36:45 CET)

How to cite: Go, R.; Besi, E.E.; Dahalan, M.P.; Ahmad, R.; Ag. Ahmadni, A.S.; Sylvester Pungga, R. Orchid Conservation Initiatives in Malaysia. Preprints 2020, 2020110656. Go, R.; Besi, E.E.; Dahalan, M.P.; Ahmad, R.; Ag. Ahmadni, A.S.; Sylvester Pungga, R. Orchid Conservation Initiatives in Malaysia. Preprints 2020, 2020110656.


Orchids totalling close to 4000 species in Malaysia are one of the most diverse and most widespread family here had gained momentum in recognition among policy makers and guardians of the forest as one of the profiles that fit and can benefit plant conservation on a broad scale in recent years. Listed not only as conservation indicator but also as priority germplasm for sustainable floriculture industry in the country, a milestone that could safeguard wild orchids from verge of extinction in the natural habitat. Through our 30 years of studying orchids in the wild, we understand more about the distribution, rarity, threats and extinction of orchids than ever before, and we have the scientific tools to address many of the problems, yet many species face daily threats including habitat loss and unsustainable exploitation mainly via Internet trade. Prior to executing workable conservation plan, various research institutions working closely with Forestry Departments in Malaysia to first inventory and document the orchid species richness in the country. Selangor, Sarawak and Perlis Forestry Departments in collaboration with UPM have published seven orchid books that cover various habitat types. Selangor Forestry Department is leading on publishing biodiversity data in form of books for its various ecotourism’s sites and State Parks, and had published two books on orchids. Sarawak state has published one on the limestone orchids, and Perlis is the first to embark on the feat published one in 2010 and currently preparing a new book that includes other flagship wild flowers. Realizing the importance of documenting its biodiversity wealth, Malaysia has developed an information system that would be a one-stop retrieval point or repository for biodiversity facts and as a part of the commitments to CBD to facilitate reporting and the transfer of biological diversity and conservation-related information both nationally and internationally.


orchid books; database; species; documentations; policy; extinction


Biology and Life Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Received: 10 January 2021
Commenter: Colin Maycock
Commenter's Conflict of Interests: My group works on assessing the conservation status of the orchids of Sabah.
Comment: The article is an interesting overview of UPM's and the other agencies/department efforts on orchid conservation initiatives. However, the lack of information on orchid conservation initiatives in Sabah and those undertaken by other groups detracts from the publication (e.g. Table 1 only list publication by the authors of this preprint). For this preprint, to be an overview of Orchid Conservation Initiatives in Malaysia it scope should be expanded,
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