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The Elementary Dimensions’ Role in the Creation of the Source of Elementary Particles

Version 1 : Received: 6 April 2020 / Approved: 9 April 2020 / Online: 9 April 2020 (09:03:41 CEST)
Version 2 : Received: 19 May 2020 / Approved: 21 May 2020 / Online: 21 May 2020 (08:14:21 CEST)

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Sirdy, S. (2020, December 31). The Role of Elementary Dimensions in the Creation of the Source of Elementary Particles. UKH Journal of Science and Engineering, 4(2), 69-83. Sirdy, S. (2020, December 31). The Role of Elementary Dimensions in the Creation of the Source of Elementary Particles. UKH Journal of Science and Engineering, 4(2), 69-83.

Journal reference: UKH Journal of science and engineering 2020-12-31, 4, 7
DOI: 10.25079/ukhjse.v4n2y2020.pp69-83


Before the creation of particles, there was a space devoid of matter and any sorts of radiations (electromagnetic radiations, heat radiations…), meaning in this space the absolute zero temperature is reached naturally. We will call this space an absolute void. It has four dimensions (the three dimensions of the space x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis and the force). The fourth dimension (the force) is the factor of change among the four. Those four are elementary dimensions. When the space dimensions increase the outward force subsequently increases as well and space increases its instability and loses its equilibrium. Now this region of space has only outward force when the outward force exceeds a certain limit, the system will be at its highest level of instability. To create equilibrium in the system the outward force collapses inward. The void inside the collapsed force will act as a void in a confined system. Meaning now, the void in a confined system is the source of the elementary particles. Now the created source is being managed by internal force and external force. The two forces will affect the source until equilibrium is reached between the internal and external forces of the source and the entities in its external force field effect. The source is a high energy entity. As before the creation of particles, there was infinity space of absolute void. Therefore, unlimited numbers of Sources were created. The gravitational collapse is one of the proofs for the theory. Where the gravitational collapse is similar to the process in which the Source gets created. However, the gravitational collapse product (only the black hole) may not be the Source itself. While the process that leads to its creation is the same as the Source creation. Which more proves that they are similar, the fact that the black hole is also a high energy entity just like the Source.


early universe; elementary dimensions; gravitational collapse; high energy physics; the quark gluon-plasma; the expansion of the universe; gravitational lensing


PHYSICAL SCIENCES, Nuclear & High Energy Physics

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