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Faraday's Law and Magnetic Induction: Cause and Effect

Version 1 : Received: 8 March 2019 / Approved: 11 March 2019 / Online: 11 March 2019 (08:57:36 CET)

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Faraday's Law of induction is often stated as "a change in magnetic flux causes an EMF"; or, more cautiously, "a change in magnetic flux is associated with an EMF"; It is as well that the more cautious form exists, because the first "causes" form can be shown to be incompatible with the usual expression for EMF. This is not, however, to deny the causality as reasonably inferred from experimental observation ­ it is the equation for Faraday's Law of induction which does not represent the claimed cause-and-effect relationship. Here we investigate a selection of different approaches, trying to see how an explicitly causal mathematical equation, which attempts to encapsulate the "a change in magnetic flux causes ..." idea, might arise.


magnetic induction, Faraday, causality


Physical Sciences, Theoretical Physics

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