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Beyond ɅCDM: A Viable Alternative?

Version 1 : Received: 11 June 2017 / Approved: 12 June 2017 / Online: 12 June 2017 (06:16:52 CEST)

How to cite: Gough, P. Beyond ɅCDM: A Viable Alternative?. Preprints 2017, 2017060051. Gough, P. Beyond ɅCDM: A Viable Alternative?. Preprints 2017, 2017060051.


We are encouraged to look beyond ɅCDM as there are no satisfactory explanations for either dark energy or dark matter. A data centred phenomenological approach supports an explanation where dark energy is Holographic Dark Information Energy, HDIE. HDIE explains many effects attributed separately to Ʌ and CDM. HDIE mimics Ʌ with sufficient energy and an equation of state parameter, w= -1.03±0.05 at redshifts z<1.35 to account for accelerating expansion. HDIE is clumped around galaxies at densities that distort space-time, explaining many CDM attributed effects. The present ratio of HDIE/baryons ~2.15, required for the observed expansion history, is equivalent to a dark matter fraction ~68%, consistent with many galaxies. The HDIE/baryon model is based largely on proven physics, provides a common explanation for dark energy and dark matter, and solves the cosmological coincidence problem. At earlier times, z > ~1.35, HDIE was phantom, w = -1.82±0.08, enabling the model to be falsified. HDIE fits Planck dark energy wo-wa plots at least as well as Ʌ, and is consistent with other results that suggest dark energy was phantom at earlier times. A new w-parameterisation is proposed, as the usual CPL parameterisation is biased and unsuitable for distinguishing between HDIE/baryon and ɅCDM models.


cosmology; dark energy; dark matter; cosmological constant problem


Physical Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics

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