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Targeting MicroRNAs in Cancer Gene Therapy

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Version 1 : Received: 9 January 2017 / Approved: 9 January 2017 / Online: 9 January 2017 (10:24:03 CET)

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Ji, W.; Sun, B.; Su, C. Targeting MicroRNAs in Cancer Gene Therapy. Genes 2017, 8, 21. Ji, W.; Sun, B.; Su, C. Targeting MicroRNAs in Cancer Gene Therapy. Genes 2017, 8, 21.


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a kind of conserved small non-coding RNAs that participate in regulating gene expression by targeting multiple molecules. Early studies have shown that the expression of miRNAs changes significantly in different tumor tissues and cancer cell lines. It is well acknowledged that such variation is involved in almost all biological processes, including cell proliferation, mobility, survival and differentiation. Increasing experimental data indicate that miRNA dysregulation is a biomarker of several pathological conditions including cancer, and that miRNA can exert a causal role, as oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes, in different steps of the tumorigenic process. Anticancer therapies based on miRNAs are currently being developed with a goal to improve outcomes of cancer treatment. In our present study, we review the function of miRNAs in tumorigenesis and development, and discuss the latest clinical applications and strategies of therapy targeting miRNAs in cancer.


cancer; microRNA; gene therapy; oncogene; tumor suppressor gene


Biology and Life Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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