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Weak Deflection Angle of Kazakov-Solodukhin Black Hole in Plasma Medium

Version 1 : Received: 4 July 2021 / Approved: 5 July 2021 / Online: 5 July 2021 (10:48:57 CEST)

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Journal reference: European Physical Journal Plus 2022, 137, 148
DOI: 10.1140/epjp/s13360-022-02374-7


In this paper, we study light rays in a Kazakov-Solodukhin black hole. To this end, we use the optical geometry of the Kazakov-Solodukhin black hole within the Gauss-bonnet theorem. We first show the effect of the deformation parameter $a$ on the Gaussian optical curvature, and then we use the modern method popularized by Gibbons and Werner to calculate the weak deflection angle of light. Our calculations of deflection angle show how gravitational lensing is affected by the deformation parameter $a$. Moreover, we demonstrate the effect of a plasma medium on weak gravitational lensing by the Kazakov-Solodukhin black hole. We discuss that the increasing the deformation parameter $a$, will increase the weak deflection angle of the black hole. Our analysis also uncloak how one may find a observational evidence for a deformation parameter on the deflection angle.


Relativity; Gravitation Lensing; Kazakov-Solodukhin black hole; Gauss-Bonnet Theorem; Deflection angle; Plasma medium



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