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Pancasila Identity Among Millennial Generation in the Globalization Era

Version 1 : Received: 10 June 2021 / Approved: 11 June 2021 / Online: 11 June 2021 (14:15:25 CEST)

How to cite: Hidayat, F. A.; Pandin, M. G. R. Pancasila Identity Among Millennial Generation in the Globalization Era. Preprints 2021, 2021060321. Hidayat, F. A.; Pandin, M. G. R. Pancasila Identity Among Millennial Generation in the Globalization Era. Preprints 2021, 2021060321.


Pancasila is the identity of the Indonesian nation, which means that Pancasila is a national characteristic that cannot be found in any country. Pancasila points are taken from the noble values of the Indonesian state. These principles contain culture, customs, and national character known as manners, cooperation, and high nationalism. As the successor to Indonesian culture, the young generation must be able to preserve and develop Pancasila. In this era of globalization, there are many challenges for the younger generation in preserving Pancasila. This study aims to provide an overview of the decline of Pancasila identity among the younger generation due to the impact of globalization. The research question that has been determined is how the practice behaviour of the younger generation towards the implementation of Pancasila, the solutions and efforts that all Indonesian people can make regarding the crisis of Pancasila identity in the era of globalization. This research method uses a literature review. The research sources were conducted from the latest journals and books published in 2019 until 2021 related to the theme of Pancasila and the millennial generation. The results showed that globalization has greatly facilitated foreign cultures to enter Indonesia. The younger generations use this foreign culture as a lifestyle without filtering it, whether it contains Pancasila values or not. This causes Pancasila has been forgotten and no longer applied in their everyday life. Young people can make various efforts to preserve the national identity, namely Pancasila. Apart from the role of the young generation itself, Indonesian society can also play an essential role in supporting the younger generation to continue implementing Pancasila in their lives. By conducting this research, it is hoped that Indonesia's young generation can understand, select, and stay away from the negative impacts of globalization that enter Indonesia freely. The solution that can be given from this research is that the younger generation must love their own culture more and practice every principle in Pancasila. Parents, educational institutions, and the government must also support the younger generation to maintain national identity, Pancasila values. The limitation of this research is that the researcher did not conduct any primary data, which means the data were not directly from the source. This causes the accuracy of this study to be less guaranteed. The recommendation that the researchers can give for further research is to obtain primary data to ensure accuracy and explore research topics regarding the fading of Pancasila identity in the younger generation in this era of globalization.


Pancasila; Young Generation; Globalization


Social Sciences, Anthropology

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