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Education level, underemployment, and workers’ health

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Version 1 : Received: 21 April 2021 / Approved: 22 April 2021 / Online: 22 April 2021 (08:52:40 CEST)

How to cite: Li, N.; Wu, D. Education level, underemployment, and workers’ health. Preprints 2021, 2021040591. Li, N.; Wu, D. Education level, underemployment, and workers’ health. Preprints 2021, 2021040591.


Under the dual background of underemployment and health inequality, this paper empirically analyzes the impact of education level on underemployed workers’ health based on CLDS2016 data. The results show that underemployment is significantly related to the decline of self-rated health, increased depression tendency, and morbidity in a certain period. The results indicate that underemployment can significantly reduce the health level of workers in the low education level group and the high education level group. However, it has no significant impact on workers’ health in the middle education level group; even if we change the measurement method of indicators and consider endogeneity, the research conclusion is still robust. Moreover, this kind of health inequality mainly comes from the difference in economic effect and leisure effect of underemployment to workers with different educational levels. This paper provides empirical support for increasing the labor protection mechanism of underemployed people and reducing the health inequality caused by educational level differences.


education; underemployment; health


Business, Economics and Management, Economics

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