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From Information and Quantum Physics to Consciousness and Reality

Version 1 : Received: 15 January 2021 / Approved: 18 January 2021 / Online: 18 January 2021 (11:56:42 CET)
Version 2 : Received: 18 April 2021 / Approved: 19 April 2021 / Online: 19 April 2021 (11:27:11 CEST)
Version 3 : Received: 26 July 2021 / Approved: 28 July 2021 / Online: 28 July 2021 (10:36:29 CEST)
Version 4 : Received: 20 August 2021 / Approved: 25 August 2021 / Online: 25 August 2021 (11:24:41 CEST)

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Verheyen, P. From Information and Quantum Physics to Consciousness and Reality. Sci 2021, 3, 35. Verheyen, P. From Information and Quantum Physics to Consciousness and Reality. Sci 2021, 3, 35.


How does the world around us work and what is real? This question has preoccupied humanity since its beginnings. From the 16th century onwards, it has been periodically necessary to revise the prevailing worldview. But things became very strange at the beginning of the 20th century with the advent of relativity theory and quantum physics. The current focus is on the role of information, there being a debate about whether this is ontological or epistemological. A theory has recently been formulated in which spacetime and gravity emerges from microscopic quantum information, more specifically from quantum entanglement via entanglement entropy. A latest theory describes the emergence of reality itself through first-person perspective experiences and algorithmic information theory. In quantum physics, perception and observation play a central role. Perception, interaction with the environment, requires an exchange of information. Via biochemical projection, information is given an interpretation that is necessary to make life and consciousness possible. The world around us is not at all what it seems.


Information; Quantum Physics; Biochemical Projection; Neural Interpretation; Consciousness; Reality


Physical Sciences, Quantum Science and Technology

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Received: 19 April 2021
Commenter: Peter Verheyen
Commenter's Conflict of Interests: Author
Comment: An appendix is added with a schematic representation of the paper on page 30 - 31 - 32 - 33.
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