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Theory of Inhomogeneous Calamitic Coulomb Fluids

Version 1 : Received: 13 December 2020 / Approved: 14 December 2020 / Online: 14 December 2020 (10:52:32 CET)

A peer-reviewed article of this Preprint also exists.

Podgornik, R. Theory of Inhomogeneous Rod-like Coulomb Fluids. Symmetry 2021, 13, 274. Podgornik, R. Theory of Inhomogeneous Rod-like Coulomb Fluids. Symmetry 2021, 13, 274.


A field theoretic representation of the classical partition function is derived for a system composed of a mixture of anisotropic and isotropic mobile charges that interact via long range Coulomb and short range nematic interactions. The field theory is then solved on a saddle-point approximation level, leading to a coupled system of Poisson-Boltzmann and Maier-Saupe equations. Explicit solutions are finally obtained for a calamitic counterion-only system in proximity of a charged planar wall. The nematic order parameter profile, the counterion density profile and the electrostatic potential profile are interpreted within the framework of a nematic-isotropic wetting phase with a Donnan potential difference.


nematic interaction; Coulomb fluids; nematic wetting; electric double layer


Physical Sciences, Acoustics

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