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Function of Connexin-43 in Macrophages

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Rodjakovic, D.; Salm, L.; Beldi, G. Function of Connexin-43 in Macrophages. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22, 1412. Rodjakovic, D.; Salm, L.; Beldi, G. Function of Connexin-43 in Macrophages. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22, 1412.


Knowledge on the function of Connexin-43 on macrophages is gradually increasing and recent studies show how macrophages utilise Connexin-43. Migration, antigen-presentation and some forms of intercellular communication in macrophages are Connexin-43-dependant. Delicate processes, such as electrochemical support in conduction of the heartbeat in the AV-node, immunomodulatory regulation in the lungs and macrophage-differentiation are performed using Connexin-43 in macrophages. The relevance on pathophysiology becomes evident in inflammatory bowel disease, tumour networks and HIV in which aberrant function of Connexin-43 has been observed. Although many physiological, as well as pathophysiological functions were found to be Connexin-43-dependant, some still remain debated: the involvement of Connexin-43 in phagocytosis and polarisation, as well as its involvement in the mortality in murine sepsis are still unclear. These functions as well as further involvement in increasingly complex functions of the macrophage pose possible fields of research.


connexin-43; Cx43; gja1; connexins; macrophage; monocyte


Biology and Life Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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