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How to Erase Quantum Monogamy?

Version 1 : Received: 22 November 2020 / Approved: 24 November 2020 / Online: 24 November 2020 (14:24:45 CET)

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Mardari, G. How to Erase Quantum Monogamy? Quantum Rep. 2021, 3, 53-67. Mardari, G. How to Erase Quantum Monogamy? Quantum Rep. 2021, 3, 53-67.


The phenomenon of quantum erasure exposed a remarkable ambiguity in the interpretation of quantum entanglement. On the one hand, the data is compatible with the possibility of arrow-of-time violations. On the other hand, it is also possible that temporal non-locality is an artifact of post-selection. Twenty years later, this problem can be solved with a quantum monogamy experiment, in which four entangled quanta are measured at the same time. If Bell violations can be recovered from a “monogamous” quantum system, then the arrow of time is obeyed at the quantum level.


quantum entanglement; delayed-choice experiments; quantum erasure; quantum monogamy; experiment proposal.


Physical Sciences, Acoustics

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