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Targeted Population, Strategy, Issues and Progress to Combat COVID-19

Version 1 : Received: 31 August 2020 / Approved: 1 September 2020 / Online: 1 September 2020 (09:46:24 CEST)

How to cite: saini, D.; Rai, N.; Jha, P.; Jha, M. Targeted Population, Strategy, Issues and Progress to Combat COVID-19. Preprints 2020, 2020090002. saini, D.; Rai, N.; Jha, P.; Jha, M. Targeted Population, Strategy, Issues and Progress to Combat COVID-19. Preprints 2020, 2020090002.


A COVID-19 disease threatens the population and the economies of the countries significantly. Till now, this pandemic has affected 215 counties or territories. Unavailability of vaccine is the primary concern for the society. To avoid the spread of this disease, social isolation must be preserved and the inter and intra-population movement must be minimized. To reduce the possibility of transmission, the categorization of regions based on susceptibility to COVID-19 infection is a must.Due to the unavailability of a large amount of paper collection for this novel COVID-19 diseases, we used current literature available on a COVID-19 susceptibility of the diabetic patient, human reproductivity, hemodialysis patient’s, pregnant women and meteorological factors and geographical location. Countries in the cold region are more susceptible to the risk of COVID-19 transmission. There was no evidence of the spread of this disease from non-respiratory bodies. Diabetic patients and pregnant women were found to be more susceptible to COVID-19 infection. Anosmia was observed in the majority of the COVID-19 infected cases in European countries. No evidence indicates COVID-19's impact on the human reproductive system explicitly. No cases of vertical transmission of this disease have been observed until now. All the studies available till now is the small scale study. Correlation with something always does not mean causation. There are certain factor like pollution level, temperature Diurnal temperature range, geographical factor, humidity, pollution level, wind speed, population density, medical healthcare facilities social and political factor plays a critical role in transmitting the SARS-COV-2 virus. Besides the adverse effects, it has taught us to shed our selfish goals and to promote the welfare of all.


cardiovascular disease; human reproduction system; meteorological factor; SARS-COV-2; antigen testing


Social Sciences, Sociology

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