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Knowledge-Based Economy in Saudi Arabia

Version 1 : Received: 5 July 2019 / Approved: 9 July 2019 / Online: 9 July 2019 (14:15:17 CEST)

How to cite: Alomari, A. Knowledge-Based Economy in Saudi Arabia. Preprints 2019, 2019070131. Alomari, A. Knowledge-Based Economy in Saudi Arabia. Preprints 2019, 2019070131.


Saudi Arabia is an oil-reliant nation as a large percentage of its GDP comes from oil resources. Oil dependency leaves a county at the mercy of the international crude market, and a decrease in the price of crude can seriously destabilize the economy of such nations. An example is the case of Venezuela whose dependence on oil caused a national disaster (McCarthy, 2017). As such, the nation’s exports, GDP, and government revenue are primarily dependent on oil revenue, and the recent decrease in the oil prices has decreased Venezuela’s national revenue resulting in economic collapse as well as inflation. A shift from a resource based economy to a knowledge based economy will help Saudi Arabia become less reliant on its oil revenues for its economic stability and growth (Nurunnabi, 2017).


Knowledge Based Economy Saudi Arabia


Business, Economics and Management, Economics

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