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Using Landsat 8 Images Along with Google Earth Engine for Investigation the Location of the Crashed Aircrafts

Version 1 : Received: 19 November 2018 / Approved: 21 November 2018 / Online: 21 November 2018 (05:09:14 CET)

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Remote sensing data and techniques utilized for various purposes including natural disasters such as earthquake as well as flood. The research aims to consume liberates Landsat 8 images for investigating crashed airplanes such as MH370. Overall approximately 300 Landsat images with less than 10% clouds utilized in addition processed through Google Engine Platform. Due to the materials as well as the color of airplane body different from the area which is a plane crashed there, moreover, it should be the characteristics of the plane shapefile different in terms of albedo, temperature as well as vegetation index value. The research observed Landsat 8 data as well as methods utilized in this research, especially, NDVI, albedo in addition to band 4, capable to distinguish between the plane and its surrounding green area. Therefore, our result confirms during the research period, there was no plane on the location as well as MH370 not crashed in this site.


crashed aircraft; NDVI; albedo; MH370; remote sensing; Landsat 8; disaster; Boeing 777; panchromatic band; thermal band


Environmental and Earth Sciences, Remote Sensing

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