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Health as a Space-Time Continuum

Version 1 : Received: 2 November 2018 / Approved: 5 November 2018 / Online: 5 November 2018 (03:35:11 CET)

How to cite: Gozhenko, A.; Biryukov, V.; Gozhenko, O.; Zukow, W. Health as a Space-Time Continuum. Preprints 2018, 2018110080. Gozhenko, A.; Biryukov, V.; Gozhenko, O.; Zukow, W. Health as a Space-Time Continuum. Preprints 2018, 2018110080.


The purpose of work is to quantify the changes of the organism functional reserves during the successive phases of the human health Space-Time Continuum (STC) on the basis of postulates of reliability complex systems theory. The study is devoted to the problem of age-related human involution, which is evaluated not from the causal, but from the kinetic point of view. The analysis of 10 most important basic life support systems of human body — cardiovascular (CVS), respiratory (RS), nervous (NS), digestive (DS), endocrine (ES), immune (IS), excretory (EXS), brain (BS), musculo-skeletal (MSS), hematopoietic (HS) was carried out. Based on this analysis two levels of ensuring the reliability of organism’s work were revealed: sequential and parallel. The system of logical equations for reduced sequential system is: Ys1 = CVS ∧ RS ∧ BS, where ∧ is the notation for the conjunctions of set elements. The system of logical equations for the reduced parallel system is: Ys2 = NS ∨ DS ∨ ES ∨ IS ∨ HS ∨ EXS ∨ MSS ,where ∨ is the disjunction of the scheme elements. Visualization of human STC changes the concept of the kinetics of age-related changes in the organism and the role of determinants of health as a stable factor accompanying a uniform, smooth transition from the most pronounced functions of the body to their gradual extinction. For human STC is formulated the following regularity kinetics of involutionary processes: after 30 years of age in the human body morphological changes regress in arithmetic progression, and the functions of organs in a geometric one. Assumption of health as a state redundancy of functions is suggested.

Supplementary and Associated Material Published version in Journal of Education, Health and Sport


space-time continuum; the theory reliability of complex systems; integrated assessment of health; redundancy of functions; risk management


Medicine and Pharmacology, Other

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