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From Homo Sapiens to Robo Sapiens: The Evolution of Intelligence

Version 1 : Received: 30 October 2018 / Approved: 31 October 2018 / Online: 31 October 2018 (07:45:49 CET)
Version 2 : Received: 17 December 2018 / Approved: 18 December 2018 / Online: 18 December 2018 (11:38:15 CET)

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Raveh, A.R.; Tamir, B. From Homo Sapiens to Robo Sapiens: The Evolution of Intelligence. Information 2019, 10, 2. Raveh, A.R.; Tamir, B. From Homo Sapiens to Robo Sapiens: The Evolution of Intelligence. Information 2019, 10, 2.


In this paper we present an argument in favor of the possibility of an artificial intelligence above human intelligence. AI technology has shown a stepwise increase in its capacity and complexity. The last step took place several years ago, due to increased progress in deep neural network technology. Each such step goes hand in hand with our understanding of ourselves, understanding human cognition. Indeed, AI was always about the question of understanding human nature. AI percolates into our lives, step by step, changing our environment. We believe the next few steps in AI technology, and in our understanding of human behavior, will bring about a much more powerful machines, flexible enough to resemble human behavior. In this context, there are two research fields: Artificial Social Intelligence (ASI) and General Artificial Intelligence (AGI). On the ground of ASI and AGI we present an evolutionary argument which uses research in artificial life simulations, showing an increase in complexity due to an emergent property coming out of lower complexity constituents. The whole process is driven by an evolutionary force. What could such an evolutionary force be? We suggest a social communicative driving force. We end the discussion demonstrating a way to overcome our fears of singularity, harnessing value alignment.


Artificial Intelligence (AI); artificial general intelligence (AGI); artificial social intelligence (ASI); singularity; complexity; emergence phenomena; evolution; social sciences


Computer Science and Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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