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Lévy Femtoscopy with PHENIX at RHIC

Version 1 : Received: 3 December 2017 / Approved: 4 December 2017 / Online: 4 December 2017 (07:28:13 CET)

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Csanád, M. Lévy Femtoscopy with PHENIX at RHIC. Universe 2017, 3, 85. Csanád, M. Lévy Femtoscopy with PHENIX at RHIC. Universe 2017, 3, 85.


In this paper we present the measurement of charged pion two-particle femtoscopic correlation functions in S NN = 200 GeV Au+Au collisions, in 31 average transverse mass bins, separately for positive and negative pion pairs. Lévy-shaped source distributions yield a statistically acceptable description of the measured correlation functions, with three physical parameters: correlation strength parameter λ , Lévy index α and Lévy scale parameter R. The transverse mass dependence of these Lévy parameters is then investigated. Their physical interpretation is also discussed, and the appearance of a new scaling variable is observed.


RHIC; PHENIX; femtoscopy; Bose-Einstein correlations; L\'evy distribution; anomalous diffusion; critical point; in-medium mass modification


Physical Sciences, Nuclear and High Energy Physics

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