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An optoelectronic equivalent narrowband filter for high resolution optical spectrum analysis

Version 1 : Received: 9 February 2017 / Approved: 9 February 2017 / Online: 9 February 2017 (15:49:30 CET)

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To achieve a narrow bandwidth optical filter with a wide swept range for new generation optical spectrum analysis (OSA), an optoelectronic equivalent narrowband filter (OENF) is investigated and a swept optical filter with bandwidth of several MHz and swept range of several ten nanometers is built using electric filters and a swept laser as local oscillator (LO). The principle of OENF is introduced and analysis of OENF system is presented. Two electric filters are optimized to be RBW filters for high and medium spectral resolution application. Both simulations and experiments are conducted to verify OENF principle and results show that power uncertainty is less than 1.2% and spectral resolution can reach 6 MHz. Then, a real-time wavelength calibration system consisting of HCN gas cell and FP etalon is proposed to guarantee a wavelength accuracy of ±0.4 pm at C-band and to reduce the influence of phase noise and nonlinear velocity of swept LO. Finally, experiments on OSA of actual spectra of various optical sensors using OENF system are conducted. Experimental results indicate that OENF system has an excellent capacity in analysis of fine spectrum structures.


optical spectrum analysis; optical sensors; optical filters; coherent optics


Physical Sciences, Optics and Photonics

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