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Technologies and Applications Concomitant with Web-Based GIS

Version 1 : Received: 17 August 2016 / Approved: 18 August 2016 / Online: 18 August 2016 (06:07:05 CEST)

How to cite: Mukhtar, S. Technologies and Applications Concomitant with Web-Based GIS. Preprints 2016, 2016080173. Mukhtar, S. Technologies and Applications Concomitant with Web-Based GIS. Preprints 2016, 2016080173.


Web-Based GIS is a platform that deals with the representation, management and storage of locational information for real-time online retrieval, viewing and manipulations. Web-based GIS incorporate all the functions of information systems: gathering, storing, retrieving, visualizing and dissemination of spatial information on the Internet. In modern-day GIS serve as vital means to not only geo-referenced locational information that are been retrieved but also the development in web-based technologies as well as there involvements in decision making processes. In recent time the increased used of GIS on the Internet have totally transformed and made three distinct changes across our GIS environment. These are: (i) how are GIS data being accessed (ii) what are modes of its transmission and (iii) what available GIS functionalities are within the environment for analysis. This paper examines the applications and technologies associated with web-based GIS architectures with an emphasis on the internet GIS based structure and case studies of GIS Web-based applications in MapInfo, Microsoft Silverlight Technology and the ArcGIS Server using ArcGIS JavaScript API.


web-based GIS; application; architectures; technology


Social Sciences, Geography, Planning and Development

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