Launches “2023 Most Popular Preprints Award”

Preprints Editorial Office
04 September 2023

We are pleased to announce that is launching the “2023 Most Popular Preprints Award” to recognize the scientific contributions of the preprints shared on our platform in 2023.

The prize will cover a total of 8 subject categories encompassing a wide range of scientific disciplines. A first (300 CHF) and second prize (200 CHF) will be awarded in each subject category, and a total of up to 16 preprints will be awarded the prize through public voting.

Please see below for further details regarding the schedule of the award:


Submission Deadline

Dec 31, 2023

Preprints posted on from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023 will be eligible for the award.
Submit your work before the deadline to be qualified.


Jan 2024

All preprints will undergo a thorough assessment. This process will be assessed by Electoral Committee, consisting of our Advisory Board, Screeners and Editorial Office. In total, 80 preprints will be shortlisted.

Public Vote

Feb ~ Mar 2024

The shortlisted preprints (10 preprints in each subject category) will be posted on the award activity page for public voting.


Apr 2024

In each subject category, the top two preprints with the most votes will be awarded. We will announce the winners on’s website.


For more information about the award, including eligibility, shortlist criteria, and the public voting process, please visit here.

We believe this is a unique opportunity to showcase your research and gain recognition among your peers.

We invite all researchers, authors, and users of to continue sharing your research findings on our platform and to actively participate in this exciting event. Together, we can highlight the extraordinary contributions and achievements made through preprints.

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