Friendly Journals: Building Connections between and Journals

Preprints Editorial Office
14 April 2023

With the rise of preprints, authors need a connection between journals and preprint platforms. cares about the needs of authors and is striving to offer more free services. “Friendly Journals” is a preprint service built for making direct connections between journals and

With this service, information about a submitted manuscript can be transmitted between Friendly Journals and Authors can select one friendly journal that they are interested in, and will recommend their submitted manuscript to that journal. This means authors will save time during the submission process. Currently, the following journals have chosen to join us as our Friendly Journals:

Preprints can shorten the cycle of scientific exchange and are a great benefit to authors, journals and publishers. We hope that this will encourage potential authors to post preprints, and encourage journals to provide their authors with submissions directly from journals to preprints. All suitable journals, including but not limit to MDPI journals, are welcome to contact us to discuss possible cooperation via email ([email protected]).

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