Better visibility for preprints: Inclusion in Europe PMC

Preprints Editorial Office
29 August 2018
A couple of months back, Europe PMC, a major database for biomedical research, announced that it had started to index preprints. The inclusion seems a perfect fit alongside the existing content, which includes articles, books, patents and clinical guidelines related to life sciences. They have continued to add additional preprint sources and we are delighted to announce that preprints from have now been included. You can now access all preprints posted on via the Europe PMC website. 

This is an important step forward for the recognition of preprints. Researchers using the Europe PMC database will benefit from access to more of the very latest  research, while being clearly informed that it has not yet been peer reviewed. Preprint authors benefit from even greater visibility for their posted work. 

A list of places where preprints posted on are indexed is available here
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