Crossref Preprints Webinar

Preprints Editorial Office
26 January 2017
Preprints will participate in a webinar run by Crossref, the organization behind digital object identifiers (DOIs) on 30th January 2017 starting at 3pm GMT. The sign-up page is at Here is the description:

Crossref's newest member of the content family is preprints. At Crossref, preprints have custom support to make sure that, links to these publications persist over time, they are connected to the full history of the shared research results and the citation record is clear and up-to-date. But that's not the whole story, and we have three guest speakers lined up to share their thoughts and expertise on the the role of preprints in research; Martyn Rittman from Preprints, operated by MDPI, Richard Sever from bioRxiv and Jessica Polka from ASAPbio . Please join us on 30th January to hear more!

Who should attend:
-Preprint publishers
-Production Staff
-Service Providers & Hosting Platforms
-Technical Staff
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