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Data Protection in Organization by the Implementation of Cyber Security

Version 1 : Received: 20 November 2022 / Approved: 21 November 2022 / Online: 21 November 2022 (04:43:25 CET)

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Jawaid, S. A. (2022). Data Protection in Organization by the Implementation of Cyber Security. Jawaid, S. A. (2022). Data Protection in Organization by the Implementation of Cyber Security.


Background: Cyber security is used to save the important data from getting hacked, took by some unknown access. It makes our environment a safe place for us to work out or share our information and since privacy is almost everyone’s top priority, there must be the surety of saving the private information. Methods: In today’s world cyber security is really important as there are now many devices, websites, new technology which makes it a lot easier for hackers to get into anyone’s files which stores crucial data. However, many steps can be reserved to protect the data such as; educating your employees with how to prevent your files or computers from getting hacked, avoid clicking on websites that don’t seem safe, use firewalls, antimalware system and most importantly make sure to keep passwords that are hard to guess and try to go for a face recognition instead of pins and passcodes. Results and Conclusion: This all does not only makes using technology safe but also favors your business for the safety of employees working within the organization. The customers being assured about their data being safe, improves productivity since viruses can slow down computers which may trigger the focus of staff during the working hours. It could save your system from adware; the links of websites are also prevented from slow internet speeds. There is no denying at the fact that cyber security is a major requirement for everyone who is indulged with technology today.


Cyber security; privacy; awareness; impact; cyber-attacks; benefits of cyber security.


Computer Science and Mathematics, Security Systems

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