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Cyber Security; Etiology and Importance

Version 1 : Received: 6 August 2022 / Approved: 12 August 2022 / Online: 12 August 2022 (10:33:03 CEST)

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Background: Cyber Security is to protect online data and software from cyber threats. These cyberattacks are typically intended to gain access to, change, or delete sensitive information; extort money from users; or disrupt regular corporate activities. It is difficult to keep up a regular follow up with new technologies so it is necessary to keep the important data safe from cyber threats. There are many types of cyber threats; malware, ransom-ware, social engineering, phishing etc. To prevent cyber-attacks one can use password manager tools like LastPass and others. People also use two factor authentication for double security on their accounts. Methods: Boards such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are developing frameworks to assist firms in understanding their security risks, improving cybersecurity procedures, and preventing cyber assaults. The fight against cybercrimes and attack, rganisations needed a strong base there are 5 types of cyber securities; Critical Infrastructure Security, application security, network security, cloud security and (IoT) Security. In the modern time US is highly based on computers and on different software so it is really important for US to be more conscious about the security as they get many threats almost everyday for hacking their data and accounts.Results and Conclusion: Nowadays, even small businesses rarely recover their loss from the cyber-attacks and many back-off from continuing their businesses after being target of hackers. The first cybercrime attack was recorded on 1988 by a graduate student. Now that large companies and even small businesses are aware of cyber-attacks so they try their best to take every precaution to prevent the hacking with double security and password manager tools.


Malware; cyber security; cyber-attacks; two factor authentication; software; targeting; privacy; causes of cyber attacks


Computer Science and Mathematics, Security Systems

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