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Was Cosmic Inflation Driven by Quantum Field or Its Product ?

Version 1 : Received: 1 August 2022 / Approved: 9 August 2022 / Online: 9 August 2022 (03:14:03 CEST)

How to cite: Gong, B. Was Cosmic Inflation Driven by Quantum Field or Its Product ?. Preprints 2022, 2022080164. Gong, B. Was Cosmic Inflation Driven by Quantum Field or Its Product ?. Preprints 2022, 2022080164.


Inflationary model provides a conceptual explanation of the horizon problem, the flatness problem and may also suppress the over abundant magnetic monopoles predicted by Grand Unified Theories. Although various inflationary models have been proposed since 1981, difficulties like fine tuning is not only unsolved but also becomes severer in confrontation with data of Planck Satellite. This paper proposes an alternative model of inflation: the spontaneous symmetry breaking phase transition at early universe is only responsible for the production of magnetic monopoles expected by Grand Unified Theories; it is the subsequent energy release of monopole annihilation that drives the inflation. As a result, the early universe underwent a free expansion with a heat source originating in the annihilation, which expects a smooth, plateau-like potential consistent with the observational data. Beside interpreting a number of long standing inflationary problems, the new scenario predicts a significant increase of entropy during the inflation, and tends to produce large scale structures exceed scale of 300 million light-years correlated with a CMB smoothen and flatten by a simple dynamical mechanism.


magnetic monopole; inflation, scalar field; Grand Unification theories


Physical Sciences, Astronomy and Astrophysics

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If cosmic space is 500 times larger than our universe. Maybe the CMB seen everywhere is more like end result of a lightning strike. Possibly illuminating our universe as a representative chunk of what is the inside of cosmic space.
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