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Trilogy: A New Paradigm of Consciousness

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Farhadi, A. Trilogy: A New Paradigm of Consciousness. Neuropsychiatry, 13(5). Farhadi, A. Trilogy: A New Paradigm of Consciousness. Neuropsychiatry, 13(5).


Consciousness is usually interpreted as a state of being aware of one’s environment as well as self, while awareness is understood as knowledge of something. Despite their semantic differences, in philosophy, these terms are often used interchangeably, as is the case of the hard problem of consciousness proposed by Chalmers, which in fact is the hard problem of awareness. Trilogy paradigm of consciousness (or simply “trilogy”) offers a new paradigm where consciousness is the result of a unique interaction between awareness and the decision-making process. By conferring the input of awareness to the decision-making process, a new mental function of awareness-based choice selection (ABCS) or true free will emerges. Likewise, application of the power of decision-making to the process of awareness gives rise to discretionary selection of information for awareness (DSIA) or intentional attention. The intertwined actions of ABCS and DSIA comprise “I” which is the faculty of our consciousness and is what sets natural intelligence (NI) apart from artificial intelligence (AI). Based on trilogy, mind is an unconscious compilation of all mental function excluding ABCS and DSIA that are the essence of consciousness. As humans, we are a union of “I,” our minds, and our bodies.


Consciousness; awareness; free will; attention; self-awareness


Arts and Humanities, Philosophy

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Received: 6 June 2022
Commenter: James Germiquet
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Comment: Where do I go to share the following information.
People are making our understanding of our universe far to complicated.
The very first consciousness that realized it existed “I AM” (1) exploded into a BIG BANG of unanswerable questions.
What am I? Where?How?Why? Are just a few.
Since there were no answers (0) to those questions we created the perception of a physical universe using that limited binary language. 10011001 can be used to create and express our entire consciousness.
Physicists are make something very simple , very complicated, for a very good reason. “The suspension of disbelief “ Being a singularity consciousness (1) in a universe of nothingness (0) is a very lonely boring existence and since energy cannot be created or destroyed, we will be able experiencing that condition forever. While energy cannot be created or destroyed it can and does and is “changing form” constantly.
The purpose of our existence is to make this existence a more enjoyable experience.
- If you are unable to consider the implications of the above information- never mind- or contact me at
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