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Causal Connection and Global Consciousness (Is Individuality an Evolutionary Accident?)

Version 1 : Received: 3 September 2020 / Approved: 4 September 2020 / Online: 4 September 2020 (11:11:07 CEST)
Version 2 : Received: 27 July 2022 / Approved: 28 July 2022 / Online: 28 July 2022 (08:57:54 CEST)

How to cite: De Angelis, A. Causal Connection and Global Consciousness (Is Individuality an Evolutionary Accident?). Preprints 2020, 2020090098. De Angelis, A. Causal Connection and Global Consciousness (Is Individuality an Evolutionary Accident?). Preprints 2020, 2020090098.


We propose a novel interpretation of consciousness and an enlarged definition of locality, which provide a solution to the problem of the consistency of measurements in quantum mechanics: consciousness is a characteristics of the Universe as a whole. Besides its physical consequences, this interpretation has also moral implications: individuality comes out naturally to be just an accident functional to evolution which shaped past and present history through competition, and realizing this fact should enforce cooperation.


Consciousness; Mind; Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics; Causality; Evolution


Arts and Humanities, Philosophy

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Received: 8 September 2020
Commenter: Lawrence Carson
The commenter has declared there is no conflict of interests.
Comment: This insightful notion of "Panpsychism" from the extensive research I have been lucky enough to experience is tremendous even though it is merely a mirror of the tremendous cause and effect dynamics of it's reality.

I would dearly like to offer up some detailed information for you to think about such as:

There are
I - Awareness States of all Energetic States of Reality

II - A Memory Field that Remembers all states of Awareness

III - Reflect upon the memory chains of all of those perceptual awareness snap-shots points of view
Reason as to the meaning making processes that matter (or not) that manifest alternative Energy-Space-Time FAD's Frequencies, Amplitudes and Densities that produce In+tentional, Information Infused ... EMF Motive forces to either: i) Resist, Impede or entropically eliminate or ii) Positively and/or negatively Respond to the entrained I-EMF fields presence ... thus creating or altering ...

IV - C;EST's FADS (Conscious Energy, Space, Time Frequencies, Amplitudes Density States of REALITY .... that thus ...

V - Feed back via the conductive field's we call Consciousness to re-inform Awareness thus forming the continuous loop

And thus it is the Gestalt of these five attributes that when linked creates "The Conscious Operating System" (C-OS) of the Universe and ALL of its 1 X 10 ^ 80 electrons, etc that precisely know when to unfold and enfold in and out of the duality of their atom's wave-particle probability shells.

So if the true definition of "Consciousness" is .... "With/Together" + "Knowing" ... and every sub-atomic particle is brilliantly behaving ... then our universe continually survives all because ...

Axiomatic >>>>> All Energetic "Patterns" Playing out in Space-Time ... are Conscious "Entities."
How can we communicate on additional details re these issues?
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