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Conformal Symmetry and Supersymmetry in Rindler Space

Version 1 : Received: 27 July 2020 / Approved: 28 July 2020 / Online: 28 July 2020 (10:28:15 CEST)

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van Holten, J.W. Conformal Symmetry and Supersymmetry in Rindler Space. Universe 2020, 6, 144. van Holten, J.W. Conformal Symmetry and Supersymmetry in Rindler Space. Universe 2020, 6, 144.


This paper addresses the fate of extended space-time symmetries, in particular conformal symmetry and supersymmetry, in two-dimensional Rindler space-time appropriate to a uniformly accelerated non-inertial frame in flat 1+1-dimensional space-time. Generically, in addition to a conformal co-ordinate transformation, the transformation of fields from Minkowski to Rindler space is accompanied by local conformal and Lorentz transformations of the components, which also affect the Bogoliubov transformations between the associated Fock spaces. I construct these transformations for massless scalars and spinors, as well as for the ghost and super-ghost fields necessary in theories with local conformal and supersymmetries, as arising from coupling to 2-D gravity or supergravity. Cancellation of the anomalies in Minkowski and in Rindler space requires theories with the well-known critical spectrum of particles arising in string theory in the limit of infinite strings, and is relevant for the equivalence of Minkowski and Rindler frame theories.


Conformal field theory; supersymmetry; Rindler space


Physical Sciences, Particle and Field Physics

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