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Permeation of AuCl4- across a Liquid Membrane Impregnated with A324H+Cl- Ionic Liquid

Version 1 : Received: 18 February 2020 / Approved: 18 February 2020 / Online: 18 February 2020 (10:43:15 CET)

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Alguacil, F.J.; López, F.A. Permeation of AuCl4 Across a Liquid Membrane Impregnated with A324H+Cl Ionic Liquid. Metals 2020, 10, 363. Alguacil, F.J.; López, F.A. Permeation of AuCl4− Across a Liquid Membrane Impregnated with A324H+Cl− Ionic Liquid. Metals 2020, 10, 363.


On the system Au(III)-HCl-A324H+Cl-, liquid-liquid extraction experiments were used to define the extraction equilibrium and the corresponding extraction constant, and the facilitated transport of this precious metal, from HCl solutions, across a flat-sheet supported liquid membrane was investigated, using the ionic liquid as carrier, as a function of hydrodynamic conditions, concentration of gold(III) (0.01-0.1 g/L), and HCl (0.5-6 M) in the feed phase, and carrier concentration (0.023-0.92 M) in the membrane. An uphill transport equation was derived considering aqueous feed boundary layer diffusion and membrane diffusion as controlling steps. The aqueous diffusional resistance (Δf) and the membrane diffusional resistance (Δm) were estimated from the proposed equation, being their values 241 s/cm an 9730 s/cm, respectively. The performance of the present carrier was compared against results yielded by other ionic liquids, and also it was investigated the influence that other metals had on gold(III) transport both from binary or quaternary solutions. Gold was finally recovered from receiving solutions as zero valent gold nanoparticles.


liquid membrane; ionic liquid; gold


Chemistry and Materials Science, Applied Chemistry

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