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From Protein Features to Sensing Surfaces

Version 1 : Received: 28 February 2018 / Approved: 1 March 2018 / Online: 1 March 2018 (16:43:35 CET)

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Faccio, G. From Protein Features to Sensing Surfaces. Sensors 2018, 18, 1204. Faccio, G. From Protein Features to Sensing Surfaces. Sensors 2018, 18, 1204.


Proteins play a major role in biosensors in which they provide catalytic activity and specificity in molecular recognition. The immobilization process is however far from straightforward as it often affects the protein functionality. An extensive interaction of the protein with the surface or a significant surface crowding can lead to changes in the mobility and conformation of the protein structure. This review will provide an insight of how the analysis of the physico-chemical features of the protein surface features before the immobilization process can help to identify the optimal immobilization approach to preserve the functionality of the protein when on the surface of the biosensor.


surface functionalization; biosensor functionalization; protein immobilization; protein structure analysis; protein immobilization


Chemistry and Materials Science, Other

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