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Asymmetric Bimodal Exponential Power Distribution on Real Line

Version 1 : Received: 13 December 2017 / Approved: 13 December 2017 / Online: 13 December 2017 (13:23:10 CET)

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Çankaya, M.N. Asymmetric Bimodal Exponential Power Distribution on the Real Line. Entropy 2018, 20, 23. Çankaya, M.N. Asymmetric Bimodal Exponential Power Distribution on the Real Line. Entropy 2018, 20, 23.


The asymmetric bimodal exponential power (ABEP) distribution is an extension of the generalized gamma distribution to the real line via adding two parameters which fit the shape of peakedness in bimodality on real line. The special values of peakedness parameters of the distribution are combination of half Laplace and half normal distributions on real line. The distribution has two parameters fitting the height of bimodality, so capacity of bimodality is enhanced by using these parameters. Adding a skewness parameter is considered to model asymmetry in data. The location-scale form of this distribution is proposed. The Fisher information matrix of these parameters in ABEP is obtained explicitly. Properties of ABEP are examined. Real data examples are given to illustrate the modelling capacity of ABEP. The replicated artificial data from maximum likelihood estimates of parameters of ABEP and distributions having an algorithm for artificial data generation procedure are provided to test the similarity with real data.


asymmetric bimodality; bimodal exponential power distribution; modelling; generalized Gaussian distribution.


Computer Science and Mathematics, Probability and Statistics

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