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Introduction to Reconfiguration

Version 1 : Received: 13 September 2017 / Approved: 14 September 2017 / Online: 14 September 2017 (09:43:15 CEST)

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Nishimura, N. Introduction to Reconfiguration. Algorithms 2018, 11, 52. Nishimura, N. Introduction to Reconfiguration. Algorithms 2018, 11, 52.


Reconfiguration is concerned with relationships among solutions to a problem instance, where the reconfiguration of one solution to another is a sequence of steps such that each step produces an intermediate feasible solution. The solution space can be represented as a reconfiguration graph, where two vertices representing solutions are adjacent if one can be formed from the other in a single step. Work in the area encompasses both structural questions (Is the reconfiguration graph connected?) and algorithmic ones (How can one find the shortest sequence of steps between two solutions?) This survey discusses techniques, results, and future directions in the area.


reconfiguration problems; algorithms; complexity


Computer Science and Mathematics, Computer Science

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