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Coumarin-3-Amine as New Corrosion Inhibitor

Version 1 : Received: 30 July 2017 / Approved: 31 July 2017 / Online: 31 July 2017 (16:37:19 CEST)

How to cite: Al-Amiery, A. Coumarin-3-Amine as New Corrosion Inhibitor. Preprints 2017, 2017070096. Al-Amiery, A. Coumarin-3-Amine as New Corrosion Inhibitor. Preprints 2017, 2017070096.


Corrosion inhibitors are the natural or synthetic compounds that have the ability to inhibit the average of corrosion and reduce the damage of the mild steel. Enormous organic inhibitors nowadays employed in the corrosion domain but excluded due to costly. Comparatively cheap, and stable organic compound, namely 3-((4-nitrobenzylidene)amino)coumarin, have been utilized as an excellent corrosion inhibitor in hydrochloric acid for mild steel. The inhibition efficiency has been figured regarding to weight loss method. The corrosion inhibitor was identified according to spectroscopic techniques namely Fourier transform infrared and nuclear magnetic resonance in addition to micro-elemental analysis. Inhibition efficiency for the studied inhibitor was 71.4% that, at the highest studied concentration.


corrosion inhibitor; coumarin; resonance


Chemistry and Materials Science, Surfaces, Coatings and Films

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