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Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Literature Review

Version 1 : Received: 5 March 2022 / Approved: 7 March 2022 / Online: 7 March 2022 (14:58:37 CET)

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Rosário, A.T.; Raimundos, R.J.; Cruz, S.P. Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Literature Review. Sustainability 2022, 14, 5556. Rosário, A.T.; Raimundos, R.J.; Cruz, S.P. Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A Literature Review. Sustainability 2022, 14, 5556.


On these days, issues such as environmental degradation, wealth gap and unequal access to op-portunities and resources are increasing. These concerns have increased the need for sustainable entrepreneurship, defined as sustainable business practices. Entrepreneurship is central in transi-tioning towards a more sustainable future, whereas aligning the social, economic, and ecological objectives and ecological entrepreneurs play a role. This literature review analyzes the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and the extent of their integration in the global business arena. It aims to analyze the depth of existing pieces of literature on sustainable entrepreneurship, its defi-nitions and applications in business practices. The analysis relies upon a literature search on the SCOPUS database around the keywords ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship’. The scientific software VOSviewe is used to better ilustrate the linkage of major categories and correspondent trends, related both with business growth and maintenance of ecological systems. It concludes that the desired levels of sustainability require collaborations between all stakehold-ers, while the transition towards service‐oriented business models has contributed to the growth of sustainable entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, existing institutional structures favor current unsustainable businesses and systems over the newer sustainable ones, demanding from eco-preneurs to initiate institutional changes


sustainability; sustainable entrepreneurship


Business, Economics and Management, Business and Management

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