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eIF-Three to Tango: Emerging Functions of Translation Initiation Factor eIF3 in Protein Synthesis and Disease

Version 1 : Received: 4 June 2019 / Approved: 5 June 2019 / Online: 5 June 2019 (15:21:40 CEST)

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Studies over the past three years have substantially expanded the involvements of eIF3 in mRNA translation. It now appears that this multi-subunit complex is involved in every possible form of mRNA translation, controlling every step of protein synthesis from initiation to elongation, termination and quality control in positive as well as negative fashion. Through the study of eIF3, we are beginning to appreciate protein synthesis as a highly integrated process coordinating protein production with protein folding, subcellular targeting, and degradation. At the same time, eIF3 subunits appear to have specific functions that probably vary between different tissues and individual cells. Considering the broad functions of eIF3 in protein homeostasis, it comes as little surprise that eIF3 is increasingly implicated in major human diseases and first attempts at therapeutically targeting eIF3 have been undertaken. Much remains to be learned, however, about subunit- and tissue-specific functions of eIF3 in protein synthesis and disease and their regulation by environmental conditions and posttranslational modifications.


eIF3, mRNA translation, ribosome, methyladenosine


Biology and Life Sciences, Anatomy and Physiology

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