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Remote Sensing and Data Mining Techniques for Assessing the Urban Fabric Vulnerability to Heat Waves and UHI
Densely urbanized areas, with a low percentage of green vegetation, are highly exposed to Heat Waves (HW) which nowadays are increasing in terms of frequency and intensity also in the ...
Oil Droplet Clouds Suspended in the Sea. Can they be Remotely Detected?
Oil floating on the sea surface can be detected by both passive and active methods using the ultraviolet-to-microwave spectrum, whereas oil immersed below the sea surface can signal its presence ...
The Impact of Climate Change on Reservoir Inflows Using Multi Climate-Model under RCPs’ Including Extreme Events—A Case of Mangla Dam, Pakistan
Assessment of extreme events and climate change on reservoir inflow is important for water and power stressed countries. Projected climate is subject to uncertainties related to climate change scenarios and ...

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Publishing in Peer-Reviewed Journals after Archiving on Preprints
The majority of journals now support archival of working papers (preprints) on a public server in advance of peer-review and formal publication. Authors can visit the Sherpa database before uploading to ...
First 100 Preprints Posted at
As of 2 August 2016, the first 100 preprints have been posted on We would like to thank all authors who contributed, and very much look forward to further submissions.
Additions to the Advisory Board (Updated)
We are very pleased to announce the 25 more appointed members to the Preprints Advisory Board since 11 May 2016 : Dr. Dharma P. ...


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